Alleviating soil compaction

Alleviating soil compaction

The solution for parks, gardens, sports fields and golf courses

Perfect parks and fields begin underground
For parks, cemeteries, planting fields and golf courses, it is essential that water drains well. After construction, renovations or major repairs, flooding can often become a problem. The reason lies under the ground: the work compacts soil layers, making it more difficult for water to pass through. With TFI-the solution is also under the ground!

Making water runoff easier
TFI is a revolutionary method, using air pressure and special equipment to create interconnected cracks in the ground, to create an area of permeability. Water, which once stood in pools, now flows more easily into the groundwater layer.

Your turf remains undisturbed
The great advantage of TFI is that the area above ground remains undisturbed and there is no risk of damage to pipes, drainage, or irrigation systems. The interconnected soil cracks are filled with organic material (supplemented with nutrients and lava), stimulating the soil biology and building up the natural soil structure. The result is a sustainable, healthy soil, no pooling of water, and teeming with life below.

The benefits to alleviating soil compaction:
• optimal drainage
• long-lasting
• completely underground, turf remains undisturbed
• No impact on environment (no need for excavation)
• safe for cables, pipes, drainage and irrigation systems
• can be used year-round
• environmentally friendly, thanks to natural substrates

Maximum results, minimum nuisance
The result of TFI is amazing: thanks to improved soil quality your turf is healthy to its core. Moreover, you can continue to use the parks and fields during and after treatment. Since the treatment takes place below the surface, the grass itself remains undisturbed!

Want to know more about the specific applications of TFI for your tree population?

TFI Vital Green city trees

How the TFI method® works

TFI stands for Tree Fertilizer Injector. By creating new pores through soil layers and filling them with our specially developed substrate, we encourage the development of a natural soil structure and a healthy soil.

We carefully insert a lance into the soil.

We create a network of interconnected cracks in the soil.

We fill the cracks with a natural soil substrate.

The result: optimal root growth and rainwater infiltration.

The TFI method® can be used anywhere, from outdoor areas or parks to the heart of the city. Also for larger trees stands!

The power
of TFI