Insect and infestation control

Insect and pest control

After just 2 weeks, significantly less infestation!

Successful pest control starts under the ground
Many trees in the urban environment have poor resistance to insects and diseases. Insects take advantage of weak trees, settling in massive numbers on the leaves of the trees. Traditional pest control is reactive, focusing on the insects that are already on the trees. The revolutionary TFI method addresses the problem at its source!
We increase the tree’s resistance to infestation and disease by improving the growing conditions around the tree.

Healthy trees, more resistance to pests
Our tree specialists use special pneumatic equipment to create new root canals filled with organic supplements and nutrients in the ground beneath your trees. The results are durable, strong and stable trees with healthy foliage which are resistant to insects, fungi and diseases. The quality of your green environment increases significantly!

The benefits of pest control:
• combats aphid infestations and other diseases
• optimizes tree stability and condition
• guarantees long-lasting effects
• environmentally friendly, thanks to natural substrates
• no damage to roots, cables or pipes
• pavement or concrete remains undisturbed
• can be used year-round
• improves resistance to pests and infestations

Aphid Warranty: 80% less infestation!
TFI guarantees an 80% reduction in aphid infestations in the same growing season after just one treatment. Your community no longer suffers from infestations and associated problems. This guarantee is good for up to 3 years!

Want to know more about the specific TFI applications for your tree population?

TFI vital green trees

How the TFI method® works

TFI stands for Tree Fertilizer Injector. By creating new pores through soil layers and filling them with our specially developed substrate, we encourage the development of a natural soil structure and a healthy soil.

We carefully insert a lance into the soil.

We create a network of interconnected cracks in the soil.

We fill the cracks with a natural soil substrate.

The result: optimal root growth and rainwater infiltration.

The TFI method® can be used anywhere, from outdoor areas or parks to the heart of the city. Also for larger trees stands!

The power
of TFI