Habitat Improvement

Habitat Improvement

TFI: the best soil for healthy trees

Successful tree maintenance begins under the ground
Soil quality largely determines tree condition. In an urban environment, soil can be especially far from ideal. Traditional habitat improvement methods may work only briefly or not at all. TFI is a revolutionary method to simulate forest conditions anywhere, creating optimal habitat conditions for your trees.

Sustainably strong and stable trees
Our tree experts use special air pressure equipment in the ground beneath trees to create new root canals and then fill them with organic supplements. The result is disease resistant, strong and stable trees with healthy foliage. The quality of your green environment increases significantly!

The advantages:
• Optimal tree stability and health
• Sustainable and long lasting
• No excavation required
• no damage to roots, cables and pipes
• pavement or concrete are not disturbed
• can be used year-round
• promotes deeper root growth
• increased resistance to disease and infestations

An ideal growing place that lasts for years
The TFI-substrate consists of an optimal mixture of substrate and nutrients, a blend perfected by our tree experts over the course of years. Active soil bacteria and fungi transform the existing growing area into a nutrient rich soil. By injecting this substrate in dry form, we can prevent soil compaction. The roots can then grow more easily, so there is no “pot effect.”

TFI can be used anywhere, even on a large scale
TFI is universally applicable in any location. With hose lengths of more than 200 meters, we can access even the most seemingly impossible places. Thanks to recent developments, TFI is also an effective option for large areas or tree stands.

City trees

How the TFI method® works

TFI stands for Tree Fertilizer Injector. By creating new pores through soil layers and filling them with our specially developed substrate, we encourage the development of a natural soil structure and a healthy soil.

We carefully insert a lance into the soil.

We create a network of interconnected cracks in the soil.

We fill the cracks with a natural soil substrate.

The result: optimal root growth and rainwater infiltration.

The TFI method® can be used anywhere, from outdoor areas or parks to the heart of the city. Also for larger trees stands!

The power
of TFI