The value of trees
begins with healthy soil.

Together for a climate-adaptive living environment

Benefit from our expertise for healthy greenery in your municipality?

At TFI Vital Green, we offer the solution for a climate-adaptive and green living environment with our TFI method® and expert soil knowledge. With many years of experience, we are the ideal partner to improve the growth sites of ​​trees in your municipality.

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Together for
climate-adaptive cities.

“The results are really encouraging: the trees show good leaf development throughout the season, growth is good and no trees have died.”

“Since the treatment we have no longer had any flooding on the playing field, so we are very satisfied”

“Expectations exceeded: residents no longer have lice nuisance from the first year after treatment”

“Visible improvement in vitality and less root pressure. I am very satisfied with the result”

TFI Vital Green.

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