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The value of trees

begins with healthy soil.

At TFI Vital Green, we aim to provide a solution for both climate-resilient and green living environments using our unique approach and in-depth soil knowledge. As a partner for vital greenery in your municipality, our main goal is to contribute to achieving climate goals. We do this through appropriate advice and the right treatment of trees and soil, based on continuous monitoring and research.

Climate-adaptive solutions

Parks and green spaces cool surrounding neighbourhoods by 1.5 to 3.5 degrees. Views of greenery have a stress-reducing effect and 10% more vital greenery reduces heat stress by 0.6 ℃. Trees, and thereby soil, are essential for a vital and green living environment. As your partner, we offer total care for optimising growth sites and soils, so that valuable greenery is preserved, moisture retention is improved and water or aphid problems are a thing of the past.

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Soil as the basis for vital greenery

At TFI Vital Green, we know that the value of trees begins in the soil. Growth site improvement is the key to successful tree management and a vital, green living environment. By treating the soil with natural products, without applying excavations that cause root damage, the greenery in your community will get the boost it needs. We offer a climate-adaptive solution with a long-lasting effect for at least 10-12 years.

40 years of growth site improvement

TFI has been fully dedicated to tree growth site improvement and soil compaction elimination for 40 years. Founders Marc and Puck Hogenboom discovered back in the early 1980s that a tree’s growing site is essential for healthy greenery and developed the Tree Fertiliser Injector. Central to the TFI Method® is growth site improvement based on natural substrates and stimulating soil life that improves soil structure. This literally gives trees room to develop or restore themselves above and below ground.

Successor Gert Veldhuizen and his later associate Nicolaas Verloop, together with their team, further developed the TFI Method® into a climate-adaptive solution for maintaining a vital green living environment. To this end, various treatments have been developed and continuous research is being conducted on how to successfully respond to the consequences of climate change.

Unique method for optimal results

With our unique TFI Method®, we help stimulate soil life and improve soil structure. To eliminate compaction and disturbing layers in the soil, we insert our lance with pulsating air pressure at predetermined depths. We infinitely adjust the pressure during treatment between 3 and 12 bar, depending on the soil composition and structure. We then insert the TFI substrate with our low-pressure injection technique at a maximum filling pressure of 2.5 bar. By doing so, we prevent damage to the soil life in the substrate. During injection, we ensure connection between the injection points so that optimum permeation and distribution of the substrate in the soil is achieved.

Corporate social responsibility is crucial for us: we work exclusively with natural substrates and have had environmental certification ISO 14.001 since 2022.

The Power
of TFI

Applying the TFI Method®

To maintain vital green in your community, we apply the TFI Method®: a unique proprietary technique to mimic a real forest situation in the soil at any location, from outlying areas and parks to city centres. By creating new pores in the soil with low, pulsating pressure and filling them with our specially developed natural substrate, we supplement the existing soil and stimulate the development of a natural soil structure and healthy soil biology. Our method ensures a long-term effect of at least 10-12 years.

  • Climate adaptive solution
  • Applicable in all seasons
  • From outskirts and parks to city centres
  • No digging of any other inconvenience
1 Careful soil penetration with a spray lance

1 Careful soil penetration with a spray lance

2 Creating cracks and pores in the soil layers

2 Creating cracks and pores in the soil layers

3 Filling the cracks with our natural TFI substrate

3 Filling the cracks with our natural TFI substrate

4 Result: optimum root growth and rainwater infiltration

4 Result: optimum root growth and rainwater infiltration

Healthy greenery
in your municipality.

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